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What is a blog zombies and what is the function of a zombie blog

Blog zombie is a domain or sub-domain that is been used, but already removed by the owner or the system, in other words, blogs zombies can be interpreted by the former domains that we can use back, then why say zombie blog? well here I can conclude that the blog is a term evokes blog zombies dead (never been used but has been removed) into our domain.
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Benefits Blog Zombie

Benefits of zombie blog is:
  1. Some blogs zombie own backlinks that can increase the number of visitors we
  2. Blog zombies also sometimes have a PR (Page Rank) start Starting PR0 to PR8 even
  3. Blog zombies are also many who have fairly high PA sihingga support our blog so fast pitch-Index Search enggine
How to use Zombie Blog:
  1. We can use the redirect function zombie blog that leads to our main blog
  2. We can put our main blog sitemap on zombie blog
  3. We can make a zombie blog as our main blog
For the opening of the blog posts zombie might like this, if there are less obvious can be asked directly via the comments box below. For how to hunt zombies blog I will discuss in the next post on how to hunt zombies blog, 
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